As the temperatures start to dip, many people in Florida head outdoors. Backyard cookouts with friends and family and other outdoor activities become the daily norm. Turns out many of our most common pests in Port St. Lucie take a different approach. Insects such as ants and roaches are very sensitive to falling temperatures. Our homes, even brand new ones, provide a convenient respite for these annoying pests.

So please check out these reasons to keep your pest control services, even if it’s winter.


In Port St. Lucie and Stuart, ants are a common problem year-round. However, in the winter months, ant problems can actually become worse. Throughout most of the year ant colonies remain outdoors. The ants we encounter inside our homes are foragers, or scouts, looking for food to bring back to the colony. This is the case in part because there is still abundant food for ants outdoors, but also because ants prefer warmer, more humid conditions found outside. This exact dynamic flips in the winter. The warmest conditions available during Florida’s short winter season are actually inside our homes.  Unfortunately, when temperatures drop too much, it is common for the entire ant colony to move indoors.


Like ants, roaches will find their way into homes seeking warmer conditions. As a resident of Port St. Lucie, Palm City or Stuart, you’re almost certainly familiar with the dreaded palmetto bug. These large roaches tend to reside in our mulch beds and other damp covered areas around homes. When cold fronts move through in the winter palmetto bug roaches will often first enter homes through the garage. From there, they follow A/C or water pipes into the home. Ensuring that door seals are intact and in good condition can help to prevent cockroaches from entering the home in winter.

How We Can Help

We at Green Pest Services are experts at identifying and eliminating pest problems on the Treasure Coast. If the changes in weather have caused an infestation in your home, give us a call for a free quote. It is also worth remembering that getting ahead of any infestations before they start with a pest control service can save you money and aggravation. Contact us today to get more information on how we can help keep your home pest-free at an affordable price!