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Our mission is to provide a professional, safe, and effective pest control service, specifically catered to your needs. At Green Pest Services our guarantee goes beyond an agreement to control your bugs. We promise to treat you the way we would want ourselves and our family to be treated. No pushy up-sells or scare tactics, just honest and trustworthy service.

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Providing professional, reliable, and affordable exterminating services to homeowners and businesses. We’re proud to serve our neighbors in Port St. Lucie, Stuart, Palm City, Jensen Beach, Fort Pierce, Hutchinson Island, Vero Beach, and all of the Treasure Coast.

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Treating and preventing termite infestation on the Treasure Coast

Termites cause billions of dollars in damage in the United States every year. A majority of this damage is in the Southeast. While termite mitigation and repairs can be extremely expensive, prevention is cheap. Discover the most effective termite prevention methods in St Lucie and Martin Counties

Black and Brown Widow Spiders Identification and Pest Control 

Both Black Widow and Brown Widow Spiders are common pests in South Florida. While the Southern Black Widow is a native species, the invasive Brown Widow has become the more common spider in Martin and St. Lucie counties. Learn how to identify them, where they are most commonly found around homes, and why their unique anatomy makes professional pest control more important for spiders than for other pests. Learn about widow spiders and effective spider pest control in Port St Lucie, Stuart and Palm City. 

Is your HOA causing you to have bug problems?

Gated and HOA communities have become the dominant form of housing development in Tradition, St. Lucie West, and the gated communities in Palm City. Naturally, homeowners often assume this should effectively protect their home from things like ants and cockroaches. However, your HOA may actually elevate your risk for insect infestations, including termites. Learn how your HOA may be causing your pest infestation problems.

mosquitoes in port st. lucie, florida

Feel Like You Can’t Enjoy Your Backyard Because of Mosquitos?

Green Pest Services offers mosquito control Services in St Lucie, Martin, and Indian River County so our neighbors on The Treasure Coast can get back to enjoying the outdoors. A major reason over 300,000 people move to Florida every year is for our warm weather. Unfortunately, pests like the warm weather too, especially mosquitoes. Green Pest Services has solutions for your biting insect problems. Using a variety of control methods can dramatically reduce the mosquito population in and around your property.
Learn about effective mosquito control in Port St Lucie and on the treasure Coast. 

6 Tips From an Expert

Florida Ant Identification Guide

View our guide to the various species of ants in Florida, how you can identify them, whether or not they bite, and information on controlling them naturally or organically.

5 free things you can do to avoid pest problems

First and foremost, let’s briefly mention the obvious: The occasional cheerio under the couch or puddle of water/drool next to the dog’s water bowl likely won’t be the deciding factor for whether or not one has a bug problem.

Dirt building up on your baseboards or windowsills? Concerned it could be termites?

Here we will attempt to answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding evidence and treatment of termites as well as specific ants that are commonly found living inside the walls of homes.
Don't let fleas drive your pet crazy
We Guarantee all of our work. Whether you are looking for a one-time flea exterminating service or on-going preventative maintenance, GPS guarantees to control your pest problem or your money back.

Those aren't worms getting into your house. Get rid of millipedes today.

There are 3 species of Millipede common throughout Florida and particularly Florida’s southeast coast.

Little grey bug attached to the walls in your garage? Get rid of Plaster Bagworms

Have you noticed small greyish to white colored bugs hanging on your walls or ceiling? Or maybe it looks like some kind of egg sac?


Green Pest Services provides eco-friendly and organic pest control, as well as traditional exterminating services to residents and businesses in St. Lucie, Martin and Indian River counties. We are lifelong residents and are intimately familiar with the pest control services needed in our area.

We specialize in the use of less toxic products such as professional-grade essential oils and highly refined minerals to eliminate pests in a way that is pet and child-friendly. Many of our customers are chemically-sensitive and choose Green Pest Services to provide them with a healthy home environment.

Pest control in Tradition in Port St Lucie is different from the exterminating needs for south Stuart or Palm City. Pest control companies with local knowledge are critical to effectively keep people and pets safe. When searching for a “Pest control company near me” consider a locally owned business.

Green Pest Services offers insect extermination, flea control, termite treatments, rodent removal, and cockroach extermination services in Port St Lucie, Stuart, Palm City, Jensen Beach, Hobe Sound, Fort Pierce, and Vero Beach and other areas.

Common pests found in Port St Lucie, Stuart, & Palm City


  • American (Palmetto)
  • Asian
  • Australian
  • German
  • Oriental
  • Florida Woods


Other Pests

Can I do my own pest control?


Ant control can be difficult, particularly in St. Lucie and Martin County where our subtropical climate is ideal for these bugs to thrive. You can find free information on any prevention and on how to do your own pest control for ants here. If you find a professional bug spray service is needed for Green Pest Services has the tools and necessary experience to solve your ant problems. Years of experience in the treatment and management of ants such as Carpenter Ants, Fire Ants, Ghost/Sugar Ants and others, have made us the top rated pest control company in Port St Lucie. All of our ant control services are pet-friendly and child safe, but we also offer Organic, Green, Eco-Friendly and non-toxic pest control services as well.

Can I do my own Ants pest control? Click here for more info…

Bed Bugs

A Bed Bug Problem is a serious problem, and incidences of bed bugs in St. Lucie and Martin County has been on the rise. The Treasure Coast is unique for a small community in that there is a great deal of travel from large cities in the northeast where bed bug problems have increased exponentially since the mid 1990’s. This has meant increased bed bug populations here as well.  Attempting to get rid of bed bugs yourself is typically a fool’s errand. If you suspect you have bed bug bites or any other biting insect living inside your home, contact an experienced bed bug exterminator. Even still, there are certain measures one can take for prevention and we have provided that information for you here.

Can I do my own Bed Bugs pest control? Click here for more info…


Roaches are nasty creatures. They carry germs and diseases from E. Coli to Polio and have been known to bite, spreading infection. Heavy roach infestations are known to cause asthma, particularly in children. Even worse for residents of the Treasure Coast, our warm tropical climate is ideal for roaches to thrive. Green Pest Services has years of local experience in Southeast Florida using environmentally friendly and traditional insecticides to control and eliminate these unwelcome pests.  GPS offers both German Cockroach pest control and Palmetto Bug (American Cockroach) exterminating services. Residents from St. Lucie West and Tradition, to Sailfish Point and Palm City, can trust our pet safe methods of pest control to effectively solve roach problems.


Can I do my own Cockroaches pest control? Click here for more info…

Earwigs and Silverfish

Earwigs and Silverfish are common pests on the Treasure Coast. These odd-looking insects often invade homes throughout the year in our area. Neither are considered dangerous or harmful to human health, though they can certainly be alarming. Silverfish have been known to feed on paper and clothing and therefore may pose a risk to property. Earwigs are very prevalent outdoors in South Florida and heavy rains may drive them indoors. Pest Control protocols for both earwigs and silverfish are fairly straight forward and easily addressed with pet safe, child safe, and eco-friendly products and methods.


Can I do my own Earwigs and Silverfish pest control? Click here for more info…

Flea and Tick

Flea and Tick control can be extremely difficult without professional help. The Brown Dog Tick and the Cat Flea carry diseases and both are prolific on the Treasure Coast. Moreover, both are capable of living and breeding inside your home. Avoid the need for flea and tick treatments with these tips for prevention. Should you need professional flea or tick extermination, Green Pest Services offers pet safe pest control along all of the Treasure Coast.

Can I do my own Fleas pest control? Click here for more info…

Can I do my own Ticks pest control? Click here for more info…


Spiders can be an unsettling and unwelcome invader of homes on the Treasure Coast. Not only are some species quite large, many are dangerous. Here we provide some tips on do it yourself pest control for spiders. Of course, if you live in Port St Lucie, Stuart, Palm City or Vero Beach, trust Green Pest Services for your spider extermination needs.

Can I do my own Spiders pest control? Click here for more info…


Are you seeing flying termites or termites with wings in or around your home? Not sure if they’re just flying ants? Termite damage can be extremely costly and disruptive. Here we provide you with some information on these wood destroying insects and the complications of trying to control termites yourself. Homes and businesses in Port St Lucie, Palm City, Jensen Beach, and Stuart FL are under constant threat of termite invasion. Green Pest Services is proud to offer preventative treatments and termite control services. Years of experience have made us the highest rated pest control company in Port St Lucie.

Can I do my own Termites pest control? Click here for more info…


Wasps are a painful and prolific pest on the Treasure Coast. Thankfully they are an easily controllable…if you’re brave enough. Here we provide some information on these stinging insects as well as suggestions on how to do your own pest control should you choose. Of course if you would prefer it was someone else tasked eliminating a nest full of angry wasps, or you just think it would be funny to watch the bug guy get chased around the yard, call Green Pest Services for all of your wasp control needs.

Can I do my own Wasps pest control? Click here for more info…

Rat and Mouse Exterminator, Wildlife Trapper, Rodent Removal, Animal Pest Control in Port St Lucie, Stuart, Palm City, Jensen Beach

Green Pest Services offers critter control services for rats, mice, and other vermin as well as removal, exclusion, and repair services. We will assess and make recommendations for ending and preventing rodent access to homes and attics. Experienced in rat and mouse trapping and disposal.

“A Focus On Excellence”

We provide a WHOLLY INTEGRATED, MULTI-METHOD APPROACH to pest control. We have created an all-inclusive program that is both MORE EFFECTIVE and MORE CONVENIENT FOR OUR CUSTOMERS than traditional “spray and pray” services. By upping our creativity and rejecting conventional wisdom, we have been able to provide effective, SAFE exterminating services for our clients while protecting our environment and beneficial creatures such as bees and butterflies.

Our work is completely guaranteed to be effective and we back that up with a 100% no hassle MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you are not completely satisfied with our services.