The mosquitoes in Port St. Lucie, Florida are a huge problem. They can quickly ruin any outdoor fun you might be planning this spring and summer! And, while they’re annoying, they can also carry dangerous diseases. Keep reading for some expert tips on mitigating these pests. 

Stop Them Before They Start!

Did you know that mosquitoes can breed in as little as one teaspoon of standing water? It’s true! One of the best things you can do to get rid of mosquitoes is to stop them from breeding in the first place. 

Make sure you clean up any indoor spills promptly, and don’t leave dishes full of water by or in the sink. Inspect your yard every now and then for standing pools of water or any signs of leaks. At least once a week, tend to things in your yard that might hold water. Lean out your birdbath, turn toys over, empty buckets and trash cans, etc. 

It’s also a good idea to keep your gutters free of debris that could clog them up and lead to standing water. 

How to Keep Them Away

For starters, make sure any mosquitoes you see stay outside! Make sure your window screens are intact, and that you replace old weather stripping around your home’s doors. If you’re hosting any outdoor activities, make sure people don’t leave your doors open—or invest in a screen door. 

Use insect repellent when outside. Following the specific product’s instructions, spray the repellent on your skin and clothes while outside. You can spray it into your hands to then apply to your face. Remember, don’t use insect repellent on babies younger than two months. Another helpful tip for those sunny days: apply your sunscreen before your repellent! 

How to Make Sure Mosquitoes in Port St. Lucie, Florida Don’t Bug You!

While there is a lot you can do to minimize the mosquito problem we all inevitably face this time of year, the best and most effective solution is to call a professional. Green Pest Services uses a variety of child- and pet-safe methods to dramatically reduce the mosquito population around your property. We offer two tried-and-true approaches to mosquito control: the biological approach and the conventional approach. Visit our website to read more about these approaches, prices, and more. And contact us when you’re ready to enjoy your outdoor space again!