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Commercial Pest Control Services in St Lucie and Martin County


Pest control issues can damage products, reputations and ultimately businesses. Protect yours.


A business’s reputation is arguably its most valuable asset, and for many businesses, an insect issue can do serious damage to that asset. A hotel with bed bugs, a restaurant with roaches or rats, a veterinary office with fleas, are just a few examples of where maintaining a pest free environment is of the utmost importance. Even a one-time occurrence that immediately addresses can lead to an onslaught of poor yelp reviews, damaging an otherwise sterling reputation. Saint Lucie West and Stuart have seen a major increase in rodent activity in recent years, a serious concern for businesses in these areas, regardless of industry. Regular pest control treatments by a licensed exterminator company can go a long way to preventing a problem a protecting your business.



Termite Certificates – In the State of Florida, new construction for which a concrete slab is poured is required to obtain a certificate of treatment for subterranean termites by a licensed pest control professional. Termites are a major problem in South Florida, including the Treasure Coast. For this reason, it is important that a termite treatment be done, not just for the certificate of treatment, but for the protection it provides. Green Pest Services provides Certificate of Protective Treatment for Prevention of Termites for home builders and contractors, as well as for homeowners. Beyond the initial treatment and certificate, Green Pest Services guarantees the treated area against termites for a year and will renew that guarantee for up to 5 years. Other woods destroying organisms are common in Florida as well, and builders have various options for protecting new construction against wood damaging insects.  Our treatments are affordable and timely. We know the construction process can, at times, be fraught with delays and deadlines for a whole host of reasons, with this in mind we strive to provide same-day treatments whenever possible. With more than a decade of experience providing termite protection to homeowners and businesses in Port Saint Lucie and Stuart, we are experts in protecting property on the Treasure Coast.


Food Service Industry


The pest control industry is a critical partner in the foodservice industry, from farm to table. We all know insects can damage crops but there is a long and complex system that delivers food from the field to our plates and those supplies need critical protection from professional pest controllers along the way. From  " Pantry Pests "  to rats and mice, food supplies are under constant threat of spoilage from pests.

Perhaps no business along the food supply chain is more threatened by pests than restaurants. South Florida is naturally overrun with bugs, but should a random palmetto happen to scurry across the floor during a State inspection, and that business has a major problem on its hands. Beyond state inspections, a customer that spots a bug in a dining area or God forbid in their food… forget it. It’s all over. Yelp, Google, Angie’s List, they’re all going to hear about it and that business’s reputations may be permanently tarnished.

Cockroaches – Commercial Kitchens are uniquely threatened by roach infestations. Along with supply lines, cockroaches can travel from one location to another by hiding inside boxes and containers. Once inside, a commercial kitchen is ideal for these notoriously tough creatures. German Cockroaches, in particular, will quickly spread out of control inside a commercial food handling environment. Excellent conditions of a kitchen notwithstanding, the Treasure Coasts natural environment ensure businesses in the Stuart and Port St Lucie area will at one point or another be forced to address pests. Regular pest control maintenance and perhaps even more importantly, inspections, go a long way to ensure a food service business is able to continue operations smoothly and uninterrupted.

Flying Insects & Pantry Pests – Pantry Pests often affect homeowners but are certainly a threat to commercial businesses as well. Weevils, Grain Beetles, Flour Beetles and Indian Meal Moths, among others, can invade and ruin grain products inside restaurants. They often go unnoticed as first giving them time spoil more than just the goods they came in on. By the time these insects are discovered, they have often cost the restaurant or storage facility they have afflicted a great deal of money. The advantage of having a pest control company is that a good one will be performing regular inspections along with whatever other preventative measure taken as part of an ongoing service.

Restaurants also often have a problem with flies. There are many measure business’s can take to prevent these sorts of issues such as certain sanitation measure and careful consideration of where trash is placed and the location of the building’s dumpster. Even still, the nature of the food business often means one or more of these types of the pest is likely to be a problem at some point or another.  Blow Flies, Drain Flies, and House Flies will often infest restaurants, and Fruit Flies can be found anywhere from the homes to commercial kitchens, to bars.

Rodents – There has been a sharp increase in the rodent population in Stuart and Port Saint Lucie since 2017. Whether from an increasing population or just bad luck, rat and mice infestation are becoming extremely common in the Martin and St Lucie area. These intelligent and pernicious vermin can be devastating to any home or business. There carry disease and easily cause tremendous damage in as little as one night. The environment along the St Lucie River and near the beaches of Hutchinson Island serves as an ideal habitat for rodents to breed and thrive. Because of rat’s high level of intelligence, business and homeowner are rarely able to gain control on their own, particularly in a safe way that doesn’t threaten non-target animals. A professional pest controller or animal trapper should be called for suspected rodent infestations and prevention.

Ants – Perhaps the least threatening from a health and business prospect, ants are certainly the most common and likely issue a restaurant owner may face. Although they are unlikely to garner the same level of horror from customers as some of the other pests listed above, bringing out a dessert with a sugar and running across the plate is certainly not a good thing for a business. Some ants, such as the Pharaoh ant have been known to spread disease because of their proclivity for rotten meat – or roadkill. These ants are often mistaken for ghost ants because to the untrained eye they are only subtly different. A spraying treatment or the use of a sweet-bait, such as those used for sugar ants, will allow these pests to quickly get out of control and establish themselves inside the wall of a restaurant. Even with such common insects on the Treasure Coast such as ants, it's important to have a professional on hand to save businesses time and money.

Green Pest Services understand the pest control needs of food service business’s in St Lucie and Martin Counties. We’ve been working with restaurant owners in our area for over 10 years.  With that experience comes knowledge and we’re ready to put that knowledge to work for you.


Hospitality and Rental Industry

From Resorts and Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, property rentals, and even occasional Airbnb providers, the hospitality business has been dramatically affected by the recent rise of bed bugs. Nearly eradicated by the mid-20th century, bed bugs have since made a soaring comeback and are becoming increasingly common every year. This has been a particular problem for the hospitality industry. Because bed bugs do not survive well in the wild, they stick close to their hosts – people. Hitching a ride on luggage and on clothing, they hide until night time when they come out to feed. If their unlucky food source happens to be staying in a place somewhere other than their own home, there are now two people who are unlucky. In this way, bed bugs spread quickly and easily anywhere there is a frequent turn over of people.

Bed Bug extermination is difficult and potentially dangerous if not done correctly. Attempts by property owners and managers to control bed bug infestations without the help of a pest control professional are unlikely to work and are likely to expose employees and guests to chemicals unnecessarily. Green Pest Services offers professional bed bug extermination services at an affordable price for hospitality industry businesses looking to protect their property and customers.

Aside from long-term property rental operations, much overnight rental business offer food services of some kind. As such, many of the pest control issues commercial kitchen face can affect hospitality businesses as well. Rats and mice, German cockroaches, and ant infestations are all common problems for commercial kitchens in Stuart and Port St Lucie. Like restaurants, many hotels and rentals are near the water in our area, making them particularly prone to rodent infestations. Pest Control services to prevent rat and roach infestations an important part of protecting hospitality and property management businesses.


Medical & Healthcare Facilities

Like all homes and businesses in South Florida, medical and healthcare facilities face challenges with pests. Ants invade every building on the Treasure Coast at some point or another and roaches can enter nearly as easily. These common pest control issues arise no matter the level of cleanliness. Medical facilities, however, face particular challenges when exterminating because of the sensitivity or condition of their patients. Some may be chemically sensitive or simply be concerned about the chemical used in the process of pest control. Green Pest Services, LLC provided eco-friendly extermination for medical facilities using methods that appropriate for such an environment. We understand healthcare environments may have special needs and conditions regarding a pest service and we are well equipped to accommodate those needs.



Multifamily and Property Management

Few commercial businesses require professional help for bugs as often as property management companies. The nature of the business means, plumbers, carpenters, electricians, and pest control professionals are all on speed dial in case of the inevitable emergency.

Condominiums, Home Owner Associations, and multifamily units generally look to local commercial pest control services companies in their area to handle these inevitable problems. The Stuart and Port Saint Lucie area are prone to bug problems anyway, but property management companies deal with a wide variety of pest issues that are less common that the typical single-family home.

Bed bugs are often brought in or left behind during the changing of tenants. The high concentration of people means trash disposal is more concentrated as well, often leading to rodent problems.

If your rental property allows pets, treatment of dogs and cats is critical for preventing flea and tick problems. Our warm winters, particularly near the beach where temperatures almost never reach freezing, allow for fleas to live in our area year-round. Ticks as well. The denser population of people and pets associated with multifamily residences and gated communities means these insects can travel and spread extremely quickly. GPS provides pet-friendly services for fleas and ticks both before and after a problem arises. Green Pest Services works with property management companies regularly to control and prevent pest problems.


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