Summer is one of the best times of the year. You get to spend more time with your kids, enjoy the great outdoors, and plan fun activities. One thing that never fails to put a damper on those fun plans? Bugs! And here in Florida, we get a lot of them. 

Keep reading for important information on how to deal with ant problems in Port St. Lucie!

How to Deal with Ants

They say spring showers bring on the flowers, but what do summer showers bring? Ants! During wetter seasons, most insects are searching for high, dry ground to survive. Your home just happens to be dry—and full of food. 

Make sure it’s as difficult as possible for them to get inside! Upgrade your weather stripping and seal up any holes or gaps in your windows and doors. Also, be sure to put all food away when you’re done with it—and that includes crumbs. 

In addition to the ants trying to make their way into your house, you’ll also notice them in your yard. Fire ants are quite common in Port St. Lucie, and their nests can usually be found on dry and flat spots in your yard that get a lot of sun. These little ants are no small problem, either. They can build nests that reach up to three feet high, and sting when they feel threatened. 

Make sure you’re periodically checking around your driveway, windows, and throughout your yard. 

Florida bugs are nothing if not resilient. If you want to make sure your ant problems go away—and stay away—you’ll want to invest in local, eco-friendly pest control! 

Other Pests to Watch Out For

In addition to ants, the Port St. Lucie area plays host to a wide array of bugs during the hotter months of the year. Here’s a quick list of pests you should keep an eye out for, as well as some tips for dealing with them:


These pests are annoying at best, and can potentially transmit disease at worst. Protect your home with screens on your windows and doors, and make sure there’s no food or animal waste lying around outside. 


These are one of the peskiest pests out there! The best thing you can do to prevent mosquitoes is to get rid of standing water. Empty out bird baths, turn over toys or buckets that could fill up when it rains, and deal with puddles as best you can. 

Ant Problems in Port St. Lucie? We Can Help

The best way to rid yourself of annoying ants this summer is to call in the pros! At Green Pest Services, we use pet-and-kid-friendly pest control methods that really work. Get in touch with us today, and get back to enjoying the warm weather!