In the South, it’s not uncommon to associate summertime with bugs—particularly flies and mosquitoes. But, here in Florida, it seems like this isn’t our standard summer. Residents all over the Port St. Lucie area are reporting more flies than normal, and are having a hard time keeping them at bay. 

Keep reading for more information on flies in Port St. Lucie, as well as what you can do to keep them from spoiling your summer fun!

Are There More Flies in Port St. Lucie this Summer?

The short answer? Yes and no. Residents all over the area are buying fly traps in bulk, but they’re filling up incredibly fast. Despite how it might look, there aren’t necessarily more flies than normal—they’re just coming earlier this year. 

With an early onset of summer heat, coupled with all the rain Central Florida has been getting, fly season has come to visit early this year. Not to mention that the heat speeds up the fly life cycle, meaning more flies in less time. 

Because Florida heat is consistent throughout the summer, the flies are here to stay until fall allows us some relief!

How to Keep the Flies Away

There are a few things you can do this summer to keep the flies from ruining all your outdoor plans! For starters, the start of spring and fall are both ideal times to upgrade your weather stripping. But if you didn’t do that with the arrival of spring, we recommend you do it as soon as you can. Flies outside are irritating, but flies inside are even worse!

Like with most bugs, food is their biggest attraction. Make sure you aren’t leaving food out on your counters or crumbs on the table. Store food in airtight containers, and try to avoid leaving pet food out when it’s not mealtime for your furry friends. 

Speaking of pets, cleaning up after your dog consistently and thoroughly will help mitigate your outdoor fly problem! If there are piles of waste in your yard, you can bet that’s where the flies will hang out. 

Don’t Let the Flies Keep You Inside All Summer

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