April showers bring May flowers. They also bring mosquitos. But did you also know that April is also Pest Management Month? Probably not, nevertheless, you may have noticed that every year once spring rolls around the bugs return in full force. 

Spring (And Bugs) Are in The Air

In Florida, and especially Port St. Lucie, we don’t get much of a break from bugs in the winter months, but you will definitely notice an increase in insect activity once the spring showers roll around. Step outside any day past April first and you’ll realize quickly it’s not just people that are enjoying the warmer weather. Biting, buzzing, and stinging pests return with a fury in the Florida spring time. 

If you live in Port St Lucie, Stuart or Palm City…you’ve got bugs. Whether or not those bugs are a problem is often a matter of tolerance. If you rarely spend much time outside, some mosquitoes or fire ants might not present much of a problem for you. However, if you have young children or pets and would like to enjoy time in the yard with them, insect issues on the Treasure Coast could present a major obstacle to your outdoor lifestyle. Green Pest Services, provides mosquito and ant control services specifically for clients with these concerns. 

Do You Need Help With a Pest Control Problem?

Oftentimes the definition of a “problem” is purely objective. What may be a problem for some folks may not be much of an issue for others. There are other situations regarding pests that are objectively a problem. Termites, for example. Often there are pest issues that at first glance might only be considered a nuisance but can lead to, or are indicative of, a larger problem. A common example of this on the Treasure Coast is a persistent Palmetto Bug (American Cockroach, Periplaneta americana) problem. While many people despise roaches, others may brush it off as just part of the deal when living in South Florida. While it’s certainly true that you are bound to encounter the occasional unwanted visitor, persistent Palmetto Bug problems are typically an indicator of a larger moisture problem in the home. This often means mold inside of a wall – usually a bathroom. While a roach here or there could be considered an issue of tolerance, a mold issue is objectively a problem and a threat to human health. 

What Is Considered an Infestation?

Generally an infestation is defined but the presence of pests to such a high degree that there is the potential for damage or disease. This is actually a fairly restrictive definition. As an example, Bed Bugs are not known to spread any diseases, nevertheless, most people would consider a home with blood sucking insects living inside to be infested. For the average homeowner in Port St Lucie or Palm City, the Merriam-Webster definition completely misses the mark. Sugar Ants (Tapinoma melanocephalum) may not meet the definition of an “infestation” but when ants crawl onto the plate of a dinner party guest, the embarrassed host probably doesn’t care very much. Finding a roach on the countertop at night when you get up to use the bathroom may not technically be an infestation but it will certainly feel like one. 

Worse still, there are plenty of pests in Port St Lucie that are absolutely capable and likely to cause the textbook definition of an infestation. Termites, rats, and German Cockroaches are among the most common on the Treasure Coast. Rats carry diseases such as the Hantavirus and Lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCM). Severe cockroach infestations present a number of health problems, perhaps most notably, chronic exposure to cockroach feces is suspected to actually be a cause of asthma in children.

Whether it’s mosquitoes around your home or roaches in a commercial kitchen, residents and business owners on the Treasure Coast can count on Green Pest Services. We will inspect and identify threats to your health and happiness and enact a plan to solve and prevent these problems.

What Kind of Pests Are You Dealing With?

Florida has no shortage of pests. The tremendous growth in the Port St Lucie and Martin County area has only exasperated human encounters with pests. Identifying exactly what insects you’re dealing with can be difficult. Even Google can be burdensome given the array of insects in Florida. A professional pest control technician will be well-versed in the various pests in a local area, particularly those commonly found in and around homes. If you have questions about a pest and potential treatment options, you can always ask us. Our experts are available and happy to help anytime.

Now What?

Green Pest Services will gladly perform a free inspection to identify potential pest problems and conditions conducive for future infestations. Our basic maintenance service for residential customers covers everything from ants and spiders to rodents. 

For commercial clients, we put together a unique plan for your business, tailored to your needs with specific procedures and routines to make sure your business avoids any potential disruptions from pests. 

Reach out to our team in Port St. Lucie, Stuart, and Palm City today. We can create a pest control plan for you.