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Who Benefits from Exterior Pest Control Services?


      • Children

      Any resident of the Treasure Coast has certainly seen a child with red bites from insects on their hands and feet, if not having experienced this themselves. Many parents in Port St Lucie keep Benadryl in their medicine cabinet just for the threat of insect bites. A regular outdoor pest control service of the lawn and homes perimeter can prevent insect bites while avoiding exposing children and infants unnecessarily to chemicals.

      • Pets

      Flea and Tick infestations are a common problem. The most affected areas are common areas where dogs and cats interact with each other. Dog parks are notorious for spreading tick problems and the area around Tradition lake and clubhouses in St. Lucie West often send pets home with fleas. A lawn pest control service along with treating pets with preventative flea and tick medication is recommended for preventing flea and tick infestations inside a home. Additionally, yard spraying is safer for pets and avoids inside treatments that are often needed after a problem has gotten out of hand.


      • The Elderly & Chemically Sensitive

      Chemically sensitive individuals, people with asthma and breathing problems, and the elderly may be looking to avoid exposure to harsh chemicals while also looking to avoid the danger of biting and stinging insects. Regular treatment of the yard and home can protect these sensitive individuals from pests and their painful bites without exposure to chemicals inside the home.

Gulf Coast Tick

Outside exterminating services are the foundation of modern pest control. In decades past, the application of pesticides along the baseboards of homes was common practice for local exterminators. Today professional pest controllers focus on preventive measures outside the home instead of eliminating pests after they are already inside.

Outdoor Pest Control Services are particularly important in Florida and along the Treasure Coast. In northern climates, insects and vermin will invade homes to escape the changing weather outside. In St. Lucie and Martin county, our warm tropical climate breeds bugs year-round, and invasions result from a buildup of the insect population around the outside of homes.


Treatment of the outside perimeter addresses nuisance bugs and vermin where they live and breed. All arthropods thrive in warm and moist environments. The interior of most homes are relatively cool and dry. Mulch beds and ornamental plants breed insects and as a means of preventative pest control is safer for pets and people. Ants, Fleas, Ticks, Spiders, and Mosquitos are just some of the biting and stinging pests in our area that are easily prevented by local exterminators near you.

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