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Protect your business and your reputation from the damage pests can inflict.


A pest infestation can be devastating to a business. The discovery of pest problems by a client or customer can result in everything from a loss of standing and poor online reviews, to lost business and regulatory agency scrutiny. For this reason, its critical for commercial institutions to deploy professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated exterminators to protect their business and reputation. Green Pest Services specializes in pest control products and procedures necessary for sensitive accounts such as nursing homes and medical facilities, restaurants and food processing plants, and multifamily and hospitality industry businesses. GPS provides high-quality Commercial Pest Control Services for organizations on the Treasure Coast at affordable prices.


Certificates of Treatment for Termites – The state of Florida requires the issuance of a termite certificate and treatment for subterranean termites before any new construction for which a slab is poured. This means a pest control operator certified in the treatment of termites must treat the area to be poured and provide contractors with a certificate as proof a treatment was performed. The completion of these state-required treatments correctly, and quickly, is important. The process of constructing a home is often fraught with delays for various reasons and Green Pest Services understands the need to have the termite certificate issued in a timely manner, to keep things on schedule.


Preventative Termite Treatments – Though the state of Florida requires the ground be treated during construction for the prevention of subterranean termites, there is no requirement for preventative treatment for drywood termites. Drywood termites are a variety of termite that typically flies into a home from a nearby colony, as opposed to entering through the ground. Once a home has become infested with this species of termite, tenting the home and filling it with an insecticidal gas is the typical manner of treatment. This tenting method is both expensive and inconvenient. However, during the construction of a home, preventative treatment of the wood can effectively and permanently prevent termite infestations as well as other wood destroying organisms. With 10 years of experience treating termites in the Port Saint Lucie and Stuart, FL area, Green Pest Services is happy to provide termite pretreats to contractors and homeowners and guarantee our work for up to 5 years.

Food Service Industry 

Commercial Pest Control Services is critical for the smooth operation of many businesses, but for few is it more necessary than in the foodservice industry. Set aside periodic state inspections, one sighting of an insect by a patron could have a business lambasted on yelp and other review sites. Preventing even the appearance of a pest problem in restaurants is critically important.


Rodents – Rats are a growing problem on the Treasure Coast. Particularly in areas with water such as Sewall’s Point and on Hutchinson Island. Disregarded bait and fish, as well as nearby garbage bins, allow rodent populations to flourish near the beach and river, and populations have continued to increase. Make no mistake, these are not mice, rats are by far the most common rodent problem in Stuart. These reclusive and intelligent vermin are always actively seeking new food sources and places to nest. Once they’ve gain entrance to a restaurant removing them and resealing the premises can become both difficult and expensive. GPS has knowledge and experience in rodent removal and focuses on prevention for our clients.


Cockroaches – Aside from rats and mice, roaches are the most common pest threatening commercial kitchens. Often brought in on a box from a supplier, once inside, cockroaches quickly establish themselves and multiply. In fact, only a single cockroach is necessary for an infestation to take hold. This is because once a female German Cockroach has mated, she is fertile for life and can continue to lay eggs even without the presence of a male. COmmercial Pest Control Services for restaurants is simply a must in South Florida.


Flying Insects – Flying insects are a problem anywhere food is handled and not a unique problem to restaurants. Anyone who has ever had a picnic knows this. However, the abundance of food and water, as well as other mitigating circumstances unique to restaurants, can make flying pests a serious issue. The placement of a dumpster too near to a door, or the spillage of beer in areas difficult to reach and clean up, can quickly lead to a persistent issue with flies. Certain pantry pests such as the Indian Meal Moth also fly and breed inside of a commercial kitchen, presenting both health and image problems for affected restaurants.


Common flying insects that affect restaurants include:

  • Blow Flies
  • Drain Flies
  • Fruit Flies
  • House Flies
  • Indian Meal Moths

Green Pest Services understands the needs and challenges pests present in commercial kitchens and food handling facilities and will install a specialized program designed to PREVENT pest problems in your establishment. This, combined with an initial service treatment that is second to none, you can forget about pest problems and focus on the many other aspects of running your restaurant.

Hospitality Industry

Hotels, motels, resorts and bed & breakfasts are under constant threat of insect and pest problems. The recent rise of chemically resistant bed bugs in particular has hit the Hospitality Industry especially hard. These blood-sucking parasites often spread from person to person easily inside hotel rooms because of the rapid turnover of occupants. The heightened awareness of this growing problem and the fear potential guests have of bed bugs, makes Commercial pest control services for businesses providing overnight accommodations paramount. Preventative services and frequent regular inspections by knowledgeable pest controllers can go a long way to preventing bed bugs from getting into your hotel rooms. Even still, pest control issues – particularly in South Florida – are largely unavoidable no matter the field of business. Ants and cockroaches thrive in our climate and visiting guests from out of state may be alarmed at the sight of insects even if locals know these issues to be common. Again, prevention is key.

Foodservice typically goes hand in hand with overnight stays. As such, commercial kitchens and facility dumpsters are likely onsite. These types of situations lend themselves to bug problems and a professional exterminator company can prevent and control associated vermin and insect populations. Green Pest Services understand the specific needs of those in the hospitality business and the budget considerations all business face. GPS will provide a free inspection and a competitive, inexpensive quote to any Hotel, Inn, or BNB in Port Saint Lucie or Stuart.

Medical & Healthcare Facilities

Like any other building on the Treasure Coast, hospitals too run into bug problems, regardless of cleanliness. Green Pest Services excels in the use of low toxicity and non-toxic pest control products and methods. Hiring an exterminator for a medical facility that is conscious of the needs of the chemically sensitive and experienced in the use of organic and eco-friendly products are important. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities, doctor’s offices, and research facilities may have special parameters for a pest control treatment, GPS provides these services for the healthcare industry effectively and at affordable prices.

Multifamily and Property Management

Perhaps no commercial business regularly calls upon professional “bug guys” as often as property management companies. Condominiums, Home Owner Associations, and multifamily units generally look to local commercial pest control services companies in their area to handle the inevitable pest problems of South Florida. Our area is prone to bug problems anyway but rental properties, in particular, tend to deal with cockroaches and bed bugs at a much higher rate than the average residential property. Green Pest Services works with property management companies regularly to control and prevent pest problems.


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